That’s me, behind the drums.

Eleventh Hour Sunrise

Eleventh Hour Sunrise is an original rock band formed in 2010. Hailing from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the crew was quite familiar with one another long before taking stage together. They were friends, they were brothers, and they were bandmates in prior projects. An address change brought them together – “to break in the new jam space.” The instant chemistry brought them back the following week… and the week after that. Before long, original songs were being written, a demo was being recorded, and shows were being planned. All five members bring something different to the table – a unique combination of interests, influences, and personalities. From classic/modern/progressive/alternative rock, to pop, funk, & hip-hop – there’s something for almost everyone.

Ordinary Life / Locket EP (2012)

Daybreak EP (2011)

The Hail Baby

The Hail Baby was a musical blend of traditional rock, jam rock, county, hard rock, and a dash of funk. The band formed in Arlington, MA in 2009, and played several shows in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Hail Baby EP (2009)

Johnny 5

Johnny 5 was a three-piece punk band, but mixed in reggae, hard rock, and other genres for a unique blend. The band formed in 2000 out of Suave Chavez’s amicable split, and played shows in the New Jersey area for about two years before calling it quits. Before heading back to college, the band recorded a five song EP.

Five Song EP (2001)

Suave Chavez

Suave Chavez was a seven-piece New Jersey band that mixed ska, punk and other influences. They spend four years entertaining energetic crowds with originals and ska-format cover songs. The 1999 release of Skatomic Bomb extended the band’s following and earned them radio airplay in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In 2000, the band decided to split. The creative bond between the band was too strong to go quietly, however, forcing Suave Chavez out of retirement to perform one last sell-out show in the summer of 2001.

Unreleased Live Set (2001)

Skatomic Bomb (1999)